I've lived in California and Massachusetts, but now call Dallas home. I earned a B.A. in Fine Arts at Boston College and long before following my dream to make the finest quality quilts, I worked in advertising as an Art Director. I love traveling but am most at home in my cozy brick studio surrounded by my quilts and fabrics.


The quilts I make are one-of-a-kind. I scour every flea market, antique shop and vintage clothing store I can find, both near and far. Everywhere I go, I'm always on the prowl for interesting fabrics, vintage handkerchiefs, tablecloths, pillowcases, lace and bedcovers — really anything that could serve as the inspiration for my next project.

By my playful approach and the experience of creating hundreds of quilts, you can see that I'm up to something extraordinarily different. I pride myself on the great care taken on each and every project — from fabric selection to personalized touches. My clients love the results!


In my studio in the historic Hickory Street Annex, you'll find the treasures I have collectedand created. I am surrounded by columns of fabric, new piece goods, old quilts and quilt tops, vintage Beacon blankets, tablecloths, feed sacks, Mexican oil cloth, lace, handkerchiefs, English and French cotton dressmaker fabrics, wool, cashmere and silk.

Some quilters think only of the visual aspect of their art, but my quilts are not just meant to delight the eye, but to be soothing to the touch as well. I want people to use and enjoy my creations. My special quilts will comfort everyone, including the tiniest baby.

When you wrap yourself in one of my quilts, you're a part of something truly tactile, beautiful and wonderful. When my work has found its way to your home to be enjoyed — that's when my work is complete.

All my best wishes,